Using Wallet Bridge

What is Luniverse Wallet Bridge?

Users request blockchain wallets in various forms depending on their understanding and experience related to the blockchain.
Those loyal to decentralization wish to manage their private key by themselves while even taking the risk of losing assets upon losing the key. On the other hand, users familiar with conventional centralized services prefer services that enable them to restore passwords through user verification when they forget the passwords.

Luniverse provides Luniverse Wallet Bridge to meet the various needs of end users for the blockchain wallets. Luniverse Wallet Bridge is a multi-wallet bridge service that enables DApp developers to easily integrate and support the wallet type of their choice.

By integrating with Luniverse Wallet Bridge, the DApp developers can choose to provide Luniverse PKMS where wallet addresses are created by Luniverse for the end users and transactions are signed automatically or a User Wallet where users create wallet addresses and manage their private key to sign transactions.

If you have a wallet to newly integrate with Luniverse Wallet Bridge, submit your request to our Customer Support or in the [Customer Center] pop-up window at the bottom of the User Guide.

Applying for Luniverse Wallet Bridge

  1. Click the “USER MGMT SERVICE” menu at the top of Luniverse Console.
  2. Click [Apply] at the bottom of the Luniverse Account Bridge page.


Before integrating Luniverse Wallet Bridge, make sure to click [Apply].

When you click [Apply], you can instantly use Wallet Bridge. The TX API, which was called before you apply for Wallet Bridge, may not be processed normally.

Clients to support Luniverse Wallet Bridge

In Luniverse Wallet Bridge Client, you can configure the wallet you wish to support when developing a DApp. Currently supported wallets for integration are Luniverse PKMS, an API server integration service that manages the private key and process of signing in the server and MetaMask, a user wallet.

Differences in these two services providing wallets are as follows:


Luniverse PKMS

User Wallet

Obtaining an address and private key

Created and provided in Luniverse

Created by third parties and registered to Luniverse

Asset View

A page for viewing assets that is developed and provided by the DApp

Checked by an external wallet client

Transactions signed

Wallet1: Integrating with Luniverse PKMS

Wallet2: Integrating with MetaMask