Transferring Side Tokens

Transfer the STs owned by a CO or Member from Luniverse Console.

  1. Log in to Luniverse Console.
  2. In [Console], click the ST you wish to transfer to go to the [Side Token Overview] page.
  1. Click [Side Token Transfer] on the left menu to go to the [Side Token Transfer] page.
  1. Click [Transfer Side Token] on the upper right corner to go to the [Transfer Side Token] page.
  1. Enter the EOA address that will receive the STs in Recipient.
  2. Enter the amount of the STs to transfer in Amount Sent.
  3. Enter the description of the transfer in Comment.
  4. Click [Transfer] to proceed with the transfer.
  1. A pop-window that you can enter the private key to sign the transaction for transferring the tokens appears. Enter your private key or upload the keystore file and enter the passphrase to sign the transaction.
    When you sign the transaction successfully, the message "An ST transfer confirmed (SIDE_TOKEN.TRANSFERS_RAW_TX_CONFIRM)" appears in a pop-up window. Click [OK] to proceed with transferring the tokens.