Use Transaction Listener

Monitor blockchain status in real-time

Transaction Listener is a real-time blockchain status monitoring service. This service which provides convenient development settings will ensure an efficient Dapp development environment.

Creating transactions when using Transaction API provided by Luniverse generates Receipt.


Each chain contains its Receipt up to 7 days.

Configure Transaction Listener

  1. Set up the sidechain environment. Please refer to the below link for more information.
    Establish the sidechain environment
  1. Move on to the Transaction Listener page and click [Early Access] button.
  1. Copy Access Key generated on the Transaction Listener.
  2. Copy lChainId (number). The IChainId (Logical Chain Id) can be found in the current URL. Ex) If the current URL is, the lChainId is 8914779514357835393.
  3. Run the app by entering endPoint, IChainId, and accessKey by referring to ReadMe on Luniverse Github. Check out the github below.
    Luniverse Github
  4. Create DApp on Luniverse Console to integrate and invoke transactions. Please refer to the following link below for more information.
    Create DApp and integrate it with transactions