Registration for Free Trial

In order to experience Hyperledger Fabric Free Trial, you first need to register for the Free Trial.

[Free Trial Key features]

  • A single network is preconfigured and available to all customers.
  • MSP is created for each user and the certificate and key can be downloaded.
  • You can deploy chaincode developed in Go, Java, and Node.js.
  • You can download an automatically created network file.
  • You can develop DApps by the use of the official Hyperledger Fabric SDK.
  • You can check the simple network diagram.
  • You can view monitoring information such as the number of blocks on the channel and the operating status.

Registration Procedures

  1. Access Luniverse Console and click on [Create + > Luniverse Hyperledger Fabric] tab.
  1. Select Free Trial. You can see the options at the bottom.
  1. Registration is completed. You can see Hyperledger Fabric Free Trial tab at console home.