Inviting a Member

Invite a Member to mint STs on the Side Chain and develop a DApp together.

How to invite a Member

The Member

creates and operates services provided on the Side Chain who mints Side Tokens (ST) on the Side Chain to use them in DApps and develops and manages DApps, creates transactions and smart contracts and deploys them to the Side Chain.

In addition to the role and authority of the Member, a CO has the privilege to invite co-developers to become a Member to build services on the same Side Chain.

  1. In the [Console] screen, select the tab of the Side Chain to which you wish to invite a Member.
  2. Click [Invite Side Admin] in the bottom right corner of the Side Chain screen.
  1. Enter the email address of the Member you wish to invite.
  2. When you click [Invite], the message "Do you want to send invitation emails to the entered email address?" appears in a pop-up window.
    • Click [Yes] to send an invitation email, and you are redirected to the Home screen.
    • Click [No] to go back to the previous page for entering the email address.

Accepting member invitation

  1. Check the invitation email sent to Member’s email address that the CO has entered. Click [Open in Luniverse] in the email to go to the Luniverse Member Invitation page.
  1. Click [Join] on the Member Invitation page to sign up.
  1. After you have signed up and logged in, check the Side Chain invitation message in Notifications at the bottom right corner of the Home screen.
  2. Click the Side Chain invitation message to go to the Notifications screen.
  3. Click [Join] on the Notifications screen to become a Member. Click [OK] in the pop-up window to go to the [Console] screen.
  1. A tab for the Side Chain that you have been invited to as a Member is now added to the Home screen.