Using Security Assessment

Security Assessment is a security service that enables users to simply check vulnerabilities of contracts in real time and patch them without advanced knowledge about security.

The security assessment in the software development generally refers to a process that a security expert tests the developed product for any vulnerabilities in terms of security.

The common challenges in the security assessment are as follows:

  • Limited time – The development cannot be proceeded during the security assessment of the codes.
  • Limited budget – Hiring security experts costs a significant amount of the money.
  • Limited knowledge – In-depth knowledge in security is required to understand the result of the analysis.

Luniverse Security Assessment is a safe and convenient service that solves all the problems described above. This service provides a quick security assessment at any time developers want and provides an encryption feature to prevent leakage of the codes. In addition, Luniverse offers the service at a significantly reasonable price, compared to common security assessment services that need the human resource to be utilized. Luniverse also provides patch files to enable developers to easily fix the identified vulnerabilities even without security knowledge.

Using Security Assessment in Luniverse Console

  1. Click [Security Assessment] on the menu at the top of Luniverse Console.
  2. Click [Assessment List] on the left to go to the Assessment List page.
  1. Click [Create Assessment] in the upper right corner to go to the Create Assessment screen.
  1. Security Assessment provides three tabs that you can use depending on the type of file you request for security assessment.

    4-1. Past Code: Directly enter the source for Security Assessment.
    4-2. Upload Project: Upload a Solidity source file. (One or more files can be uploaded.)

Using Security Assessment with the Luniverse Atom IDE plug-in

Learn more about how to install the Luniverse Atom IDE plug-in in Developing Smart Contracts Using Atom IDE.

  1. Click [Create Audit] from the context menus displayed when you right-click on Atom Editor.
  1. When Security Assessment is done, the result will be displayed. The result shows the security level and also indicates the vulnerabilities in the levels of “Critical,” “High,” “Medium,” “Low,” and “Notes.”
  2. Click [Detail Report] to go to Luniverse Console and see the detailed report.

Viewing the Security Assessment Report

  1. Security Assessment service list
  2. Security Assessment report
  1. Individual file processed by Security Assessment
  2. Vulnerability assessment result
  1. Security Audit Request Time
  2. Vulnerability Count : Critical> High> Medium> Low> Note
  3. Vulnerability Summary
  4. Vulnerability ID and Analyzer
  5. Vulnerable Code Line
  1. Vulnerability Code Viewer
  2. Vulnerability Risk Level
  3. Analyzer
  4. Vulnerability Details