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Welcome to Luniverse!
This page provides a guide to using the Luniverse service.
Try to create various DApps by utilizing Luniverse.


How to use Open Beta Network

In order to experience Hyperledger Fabric Open Beta, you need to register for the Open Beta. Registration doesn’t require any procedure, but is available with just a click on the Luniverse Console menu.

[Open Beta Key features]

  • A single network is preconfigured and available to all customers.
  • MSP is created for each user and the certificate and key can be downloaded.
  • You can deploy chaincode developed in Go, Java, and Node.js.
  • You can download an automatically created network file.
  • You can develop DApps by the use of the official Hyperledger Fabric SDK.
  • You can check the simple network diagram.
  • You can view monitoring information such as the number of blocks on the channel and the operating status.

Application Procedures

  1. Access Luniverse Console and click on [Create + > Hyperledger] tab.

Once you are enrolled, you will see the Hyperledger Beta tab added to your Home screen.
Get into Hyperledger Beta tab, and you will see channel and node information.

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How to use Open Beta Network

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