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Welcome to Luniverse!
This page provides a guide to using the Luniverse service.
Try to create various DApps by utilizing Luniverse.


How to Use Luniverse Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric blockchain is now officially launched on Luniverse console. Users can now create their own independent fabric chains to deploy chaincode and develop DApps. A shared network allows users new to Hyperledger Fabric to try fabric blockchain service for free as we also offer a "Free Trial" service.

All users will share a single network together while using a Free Trial service, which might cause inconveniences and problems (Ex) completely reset your server's data) for your service when excessive traffic is concentrated on the network. As such, please refrain from storing your confidential information on the chain or testing your service for commercial purposes.

Along with a Free Trial service, we offer an official release of Hyperledger Fabric for users who want to create an independent blockchain service with ease and low costs.

Luniverse uses Hyperledger Fabric to support a blockchain service that can establish an independent Hyperledeger network settings. An official release version provides a feature to deploy a chaincode and develop DApps by quickly building Hyperledger Fabric settings. You can easily configure the settings on Luniverse console with just a few clicks. In addition, we provide various tools and monitoring features for users to ensure trouble-free performance.

Create Independent Fabric Network

To use the full version of Hyperledger Fabric, you must first create an Organization. Those who did not create an Organization on Luniverse console should make it.

Creating independent Fabric network

How to use Free Trial Network

To try a free trial service of Hyperledger Fabric, you are required to register a member for a free trial network. Go ahead and log into the Luniverse console and select Hyperledger Fabric Free Trial on a pricing menu.

Using Free Trial

How to deploy ChainCode

Luniverse Console provides convenient GUI to deploy chaincode on a Hyperledger Fabric network.

Deploying ChainCode on Luniverse Console

How to manage Certificate of Fabric user

Luniverse console allows you to generate the keys and certificates needed to join the Hyperledger Fabric Organization

Managing Certificate of Fabric User

How to develop DApp on Hyperledger Fabric

After creating a Hyperledger Fabric network and deploying chaincode on Luniverse console, you can start building your own DApp.

Developing DApp on Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric Tutorial

We provide a step-by-step tutorial for developers who have no knowledge of Hyperledger Fabric to develop Hyperledger Fabric based applications.

Following Hyperledger Fabric Tutorials

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How to Use Luniverse Hyperledger Fabric

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