Establishing the Side Chain environment

Build an independent, high-performance Side Chain environment on Luniverse to develop a blockchain service.

Luniverse provides a Side Chain to establish a comfortable and secure environment for development/operation for DApp developers. The Side Chain is used to mint an asset (a token) on the Main Chain and another asset which has a value pegged to the existing asset on the Side Chain to build up and operate a separate chain beyond the restrictions of the Main Chain.

Luniverse Side Chain is connected to Luniverse Main Chain via a bridge supporting transfers of tokens and transactions. It provides DApp developers with convenience, security, high performance, and anchoring as a private chain and enhances reliability by disclosing the transaction data to the outside public chain such as Ethereum as well as Luniverse Main Chain.

Creating a Side Chain

  1. Access Luniverse Console and click the [Create Chian+] tab.
  1. Chain Name: Set the name of the Side Chain. Chain names must be 2 to 20 alphanumeric characters.
  2. Description: Enter the description of the Side Chain.
  3. Side Chain Validator: Enter the information about the validator that will operate a node on the Side Chain.

    (1) Three nodes are provided by default. One node is used by the Chain Owner, and another node is used by Luniverse for monitoring. A Side Chain Validator is invited to use the last node.
    (2) The Side Chain Validator is a user who operates a node on the Side Chain and participates in the governance. The validator is also responsible for driving the consensus for creating blocks.
    (3) Multiple Side Chain Validators can be invited for the governance of the Side Chain, and additional fees are charged when nodes are added.

  4. Click [Next].
  5. The message "Do you want to create a chain?" appears in a pop-up window.
    • When you click [OK], the message “Registered” appears in a pop-up window. When you click [OK] once again, you'll be directed to the Home screen.
    • Click [Cancel] to go back to the previous page you were working with.
  1. A tab for the created chain is now added to the Home screen.
  2. It takes about five minutes to create a Side Chain, and the value of Chain Status changes from [Wait] to [Creating] and [Running] in the process of creating the chain. The chain is successfully created when Chain Status becomes [Running].
  3. Once a Side Chain is created, the user becomes the Chain Owner who can mint and manage Main Tokens. The Chain Owner is also able to invite Members or mint Side Tokens by himself/herself.