Deploying Chain Code

  1. If you are trying to deploy chain code on Luniverse Console, For Free Trial, select Hyperledger Free Trial and click on mychannel.
  1. Go to Chain Code List page by clicking [Chain Code List] menu.
    On Chain Code List page, you will get to check the list of chain code already deployed or is being deployed.

  2. Click on the [Create Chain Code] button.

  1. Enter a chaincode name you would like to deploy on Create Chain Code page. It has to be between 2-50 characters and you can use English/numbers and under bar(_) and dash(-) or special characters. However, you cannot use special characters in the first and last spot.
    Ex) _1contract (X) 1contract- (X) 1-contract (O)

  2. Enter description of chaincode.

  3. Enter version information of chaincode. You can enter English/number, underbar(_), period(.), and dash(-). However, you cannot use special characters in the first spot.

  4. Enter initial values in JSON ARRAY format.

  5. Upload the chaincode source. Only zip format is allowed to upload. Luniverse supports all three languages: Go, Java, and Node.js, the official languages supported by Hyperledger Fabric.

  6. Click the [Create] button to create a chaincode.


You can only deploy up to three chaincodes.