Deploying a smart contract using Atom IDE

Easily deploy a smart contract, which is developed in Atom, to the Side Chain using the Atom IDE plug-in.

Configuring the Luniverse Atom plug-in

Installing the Luniverse Atom plug-in

  1. Go to to download and install Atom. (Atom is an IDE for open source development, which is used by many developers.)
  2. After the installation, run Atom and connect to Package Store. (Press Cmd+Shift+P and search “install package”.)
  1. Search for “luniverse-atom-plugin” in Package Store. Click [Install] to download the plug-in.

Obtaining an access token

To use the Luniverse Atom plug-in, you need to register first by obtaining a Luniverse access token. You must not lose the access token because it is used to call the Luniverse server API and utilized as the user verification method.

  1. Click Packages > luniverse-atom-plugin > Settings.
  2. Click the link at the bottom in Settings to obtain a Luniverse access token.
  3. Follow the link and enter your Luniverse membership ID and password to log in.
    • If you have not signed up for Luniverse, refer to the section of Sign-up and Login for how to sign up for Luniverse.
  1. Click [Copy] to copy the access key of the access token you have obtained.
  1. Go back to the Luniverse plug-in on Atom and enter the access key in the field of the Luniverse access token at the bottom of Settings (simply press Cmd+V to paste the copied access key).

Deploying a smart contract developed in Atom to Luniverse

Requesting to deploy a contract to the Luniverse chain

pragma solidity ^0.4.24;

contract SimpleStorage {
    uint256 private value;

    constructor(uint256 _value) public {
      value = _value;

    function setValue(uint256 _value) external {
        value = _value;

    function getValue() external view returns (uint256 _value) {
        return value;
  1. Use Solidity on Atom and create a simple smart contract named SimpleStorage.
  1. Compile the created smart contract. (Click [Compile Contact Code] from the context menus that are displayed when you right-click in Atom Editor.)
  1. When the Create User Contract screen appears, enter the name and description of the smart contract.
  2. Select the Side Chain to deploy the smart contract in Chain Select.
    • When deployable chains are not shown, check if there are available chains in Luniverse Console.
  3. Select the smart contract to deploy in Contract Select. Contract Select shows contracts that are included in the compiled smart contract file.
  4. When you select the smart contract to deploy, a window for entering a constructor parameters appears. Enter an appropriate value for each parameter.
  5. Click [Apply] to complete the process to request deployment of the smart contract.

Deploying a smart contract

  1. When the deployment of the smart contract is requested, a message appears at the top of the screen. Click [Details] to go to Luniverse Console.
  1. Go to Home > Chain > User Contract List and check if the requested smart contract has been added.
  2. If the state of the smart contract requested for deployment is “Ready to Deploy,” the deployment has been successfully requested.
  3. Click [Ready to Deploy] to go to the "User Contract Detail" screen.
  1. Click [Deploy] to deploy the contract.