Deploying a smart contract

Luniverse supports a range of deployment methods to deploy smart contracts to the Side Chain and generate blockchain transactions.

  • A CO of the Side Chain may directly deploy smart contracts to the Side Chain.
  • With CO’s approval, a Member of the Side Chain may also deploy smart contracts on the Side Chain.

Luniverse supports various deployment methods for smart contracts.

Deploying a smart contract from Luniverse Console

Smart contracts can be deployed directly from Luniverse Console. This method is useful when the smart contract is not complicated.
Deploying smart contracts from the console

Deploying a smart contract using Solidity IDE

When smart contracts have a complicated source structure or are required to be deployed frequently, deploying them using Solidity IDE is more convenient than directly uploading them from Luniverse Console.

Luniverse provides the Atom IDE plug-in for experienced smart contract developers and the Remix IDE plug-in for beginners. (The Remix IDE plug-in will be available in a commercial version.)

If you have a development tool that needs the Solidity IDE plug-in, submit your request to our Customer Support or the [Customer Center] pop-up window at the bottom of the User Guide.

Deploying a smart contract via Atom IDE