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Welcome to Luniverse!
This page provides a guide to using the Luniverse service.
Try to create various DApps by utilizing Luniverse.


About Luniverse

Lamda256’s Luniverse

Luniverse is the fruit of our sustained effort to provide users with an environment in which they can easily develop and operate a valuable blockchain-based application (DApp).

It is a next-generation BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) that enables DApp developers to minimize difficulties in choosing the right blockchain platform and establishing the environment for developing blockchain services. It also helps them focus on their main objectives: the development and operation of blockchain services. Traditionally, BaaS providers aim to offer a managed blockchain service that you can easily install and operate the open source blockchain such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Quorum on the cloud infrastructure. However, in addition to its exclusive high-performance blockchain, Luniverse offers a comprehensive environment for the development of DApps including convenient and safe development tools, an operation environment for the blockchain infrastructure, and a range of wallets that support more convenient use of blockchain services.

The services provided by Luniverse can be largely grouped into five categories:

(1) A high-performance Side Chain that is comfortable, secure, and independent – 2000 TPS, one second of block time, etc.
(2) Convenient token minting and management tools – token minting and the design and operation of the token economy
(3) API-based convenient and familiar development environment – Atom, Remix, etc.
(4) Fast and accurate solutions for the security assessment of smart contracts – real-time diagnosis for security of contracts, etc.
(5) User management services to enhance the convenience of DApps – remote signing of private keys, integration of various wallets, back up and restoration of private keys

With its partners in various fields, Luniverse hopes to provide business and technical support to many DApp providers to help them provide services.

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About Luniverse

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